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Live-updating list of persistent worlds for Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2.

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The following servers were delisted due to abuse: Sinfar (NWN), The Turmish Lands (NWN). In future, please report accurate player counts.

NWN2 Players

NWN2 players should download Skywing's NWN2 Client Extension and install it according to the readme. Once running the new CE, just go to the Join Internet Game screen as normal, and the server browser list should function as it used to (but will use Skywing's directory instead).

This CE release also has self-update support that will provide notification and optionally allow integrated installation (if user selects to do so) of new CE releases when they are made available.

PW Admins

Persistent world admins should install NWNX and xp_bugfix 1.0.20 or greater. This will allow your server to automatically send data to us. Remember to provide a Module URL (usually a link to your forums) via the nwn2player.ini and a Module Description via the toolset.

If you're unable to install xp_bugfix on your server or would prefer not to, send an email to nwnlist@gmail.com and we'll make sure you're on the manual list.